SynerGreen Home Perfection

Our Purpose

At SynerGreen Home Perfection, our purpose is very simple. We want to delight
our clients with care and respect and leave them secure in the knowledge that
their homes are as comfortable, healthy, safe, energy efficient and durable as
is economically practical.



Our Values

Respect: We take special care to be welcome guests in your house and valued partners in your home improvement pursuits. We pride ourselves in being on time and readily available to address questions and concerns. We make a point of understanding your particular concerns and communicating clear and accurate information for you to evaluate. We appreciate that your house is your home and we behave accordingly when we are in it.




Expertise: We are highly trained and constantly learning. Our whole house systems approach requires us to understand how the environment and components of a house interact. We have close relationships with some of the most knowledgeable and skilled building professionals in the country who are always available for consultation. We are proud of our scientific approach and we enjoy sharing it with our clients.



Reliability: We are with you every step of the way. Our purpose is to help you understand and get control over the comfort, health, safety, energy efficiency and durability of your home. From the very beginning of our process we gather information and explain solutions you can count on. We are not finished until we hand you a report demonstrating that your home has achieved the agreed upon goals.