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The SynerGreen Home Energy Audit Process

SynerGreen's Whole House Systems approach not only takes a comprehensive view of the components of your home; it puts special attention on the most important element of an excellent home improvement plan: you.

Walk Through and Interview. The process begins with a discussion with a SynerGreen consultant about your concerns and interests in improving your home, including any plans for upgrading or remodeling. Then, a careful walk through is performed to identify likely sources of problems and potential improvements.

Diagnostic Testing. Comprehensive and sophisticated testing is performed to collect data that identify and measure the root causes of comfort, health, and energy efficiency problems. SynerGreen's team of consultants and technicians utilize the following diagnostic equipment to measure how your house operates as a whole system.

  • Blower Door with Digital Manometer  Measures air infiltration.

  • Duct Blaster with Digital Manometer  Measures duct leakage. The Department of Energy determined the average forced air duct system has a leakage rate of 25% to 40%. New houses require less than 5% duct leakage.

  • Infrared Camera  Measures temperature differences in ceiling,wall and floor assemblies.

  • Combustion Analyzer  Measures temperature (ambient and flue gas), carbon monoxide (diluted and ambient), carbon dioxide, oxygen and pressure (draft).

  • Glass-Chek  Measures window glass and air space with low-e sensor.

  • Protimeter  Measures moisture content in building materials.

  • Balometer (Flow Hood)  Measures supply and return air flow.

  • Gas Leak Detector  Measures gas leaks from combustion appliances.

  • Digital Psycrometer  Measures temperature, relative humidity, wet bulb and dew point.

  • Watts-Up Pro  Measures watts, volts and amps on appliances.

  • Current Probe  Measures volts and amps on hard wired equipment.

  • Data Logger  Measures temperature, relative humidity and light.

  • Pyranometer  Measures solar irradiance (watts/m2).

  • Compass  Measures house orientation and azimuth of solar array.

  • Digital Level  Measures tilt of solar array.

  • Solar Pathfinder  Measures on-site shading conditions for solar analysis.

Analysis. Data collected from the diagnostic testing is analyzed with an integrated set of computer programs that calculate the potential for cost effective improvements to best satisfy your needs and concerns.

Report and Recommendations. The results of the Home Energy Audit analysis are detailed in a performance assessment report that explains all of the identified issues and summarizes their impact with helpful graphs, tables, graphics, and easy to comprehend descriptions. A comprehensive set of recommended solutions is included with realistic estimates of the improvements to comfort, health, and efficiency that can be attained by pursuing the suggestions. Issues and recommendations corresponding to your objectives and concerns are highlighted. If you are interested in making improvements to your home, SynerGreen will draw up a detailed scope of work and cost estimate for your consideration. The scope of work may be expanded to include remodeling or other enhancements of interest to you. SynerGreen will point out Federal, State and Local tax and incentive benefits for which you may qualify. You are under no obligation to make repairs and improvements and you are free to gather input from other contractors.

Repairs and Improvements. Your SynerGreen consultant will work with you to see that a repair and improvement plan that satisfies your desires and budgetary constraints is undertaken and properly completed.

Retesting. When the repairs and improvements to your home are complete, SynerGreen will conduct several tests to measure improvements to your home's performance and to document or photograph the elimination of problems, some of which may be hidden or obscure.

Final Report. The process is completed with the presentation of a final report that provides easy to understand before and after results. You are left with no doubts or guesses about the impact of the improvements to your home. We are sure you will enjoy sharing this information with interested family and friends, as well as potential buyers of your house if you choose to sell it.