Common Solutions to Home Systems Problems

SynerGreen Home Perfection consultants work closely to plan integrated solutions, taking into account the unique needs of your house, your budget, and your remodeling interests, if any. The details of the plan will correspond to the results of a home performance test, but common recommendations include:

Air Sealing the Building. Small amounts of air leaking through minor gaps around windows, doors, sinks, cabinets, lights, outlets, chimneys, and dozens of hidden areas throughout the house can add up to big air quality and energy efficiency problems. And unless a house is carefully sealed, maintaining even temperatures throughout the house can be impossible. With careful testing and attention to detail, these problems will be addressed.

Adding or Repairing Insulation. Everyone understands that adding insulation can make a house more comfortable and efficient. Not everyone understands how to install insulation for maximum performance, however. In fact, without sophisticated Home Performance testing techniques, most insulation installations unnecessarily waste significant amounts of energy. SynerGreen will properly install or repair insulation to make your house extraordinarily comfortable and efficient, as well as quieter.

Sealing Air Ducts. Most homes have leaky air ducts. Sealing the ducts not only saves substantial amounts of energy, it keeps them cleaner, improves the performance of heating and air conditioning systems, and contributes to your health and comfort. Before and after testing ensures that the job is done right.

Enhancing Attics, Basements and Crawlspaces. The typical attic and crawlspace is dirty, often dank, and may be home to pests. Moisture and odors can wick down or up into the living space, degrading comfort, health, safety, energy efficiency and durability. Attics are not usually as problematic as crawlspaces but they are not very useful or pleasant spaces, either. Your SynerGreen consultant and contractor team may recommend air sealing the these areas. If so, they will present a plan to turn these forgotten areas of the home into clean, well lighted spaces that provide comfortable access to storage and systems maintenance areas while improving the quality of the indoor living space as well.

Upgrading Heating and Cooling Systems. Energy Star furnaces and air conditioners are known for their efficiency. However, if your home is not properly sealed and insulated, you may very well have significantly oversized HVAC components, which waste energy without providing optimum comfort. SynerGreen calculates the anticipated improvements to air loss and insulation before recommending HVAC components that are properly sized for efficient, effective, and often quieter performance and reduced wear and tear.

Replacing Lighting and Appliances. Replacing lighting can improve the atmosphere of a home while saving electricity, but it can also improve fire safety and eliminate comfort and energy robbing air leaks. Replacing older appliances can also add to the enjoyment of a home while increasing efficiency. SynerGreen will calculate the potential benefits of such changes and recommend them if they are cost effective.

Replacing Windows. Windows have become remarkably sophisticated and energy efficient in recent years. However, window replacement doesn't usually save as much energy per dollar invested as the solutions listed above. Your SynerGreen consultant will take into account your interests in improving the look and feel of your home while protecting its contents from damaging UV light. If replacement windows fit into your home improvement interests, the potential insulating and air sealing benefits will be included in the recommended whole house systems improvement plan.