12 Common Signs of an Inefficient House

  1. High energy use despite efforts to conserve.

  2. Uneven and uncomfortable room temperatures.

  3. Asthma, allergies, and headaches worse when indoors.

  4. Heater or air conditioner frequently turns off and on and may be noisy.

  5. Stuffy air, musty odors or visible mold and mildew.

  6. Drafts around windows, cabinets, closets, stairwells, or sinks.

  7. Frequent colds, especially among children.

  8. Condensation (mist or moisture) on windows.

  9. Peeling or blistering paint on walls.

  10. Outdoor odors or noises penetrate the house.

  11. Carbon monoxide alarm goes off for no apparent reason.

  12. Feel sick or have headaches at certain times of day, but only when in the house.