Optimizing Home Comfort, Health, Safety, Energy Efficiency and Durability

SynerGreen Home Perfection can pinpoint the interrelated defects and imperfections in a house and provide detailed plans for a cost effective, whole house systems solution. Every problem in a component of a house system tends to contribute to multiple conditions that undermine the comfort, health, safety, energy efficiency and dufrability efforts of its inhabitants. This, in turn, reduces the value of a house and increases operating and repair expenses.

The complexity of problems in a house can make it difficult to know what is wrong or which apparent issue to address. SynerGreen's whole house systems approach and detailed reporting puts you in control. You will know just what is wrong and how each issue affects your interests. SynerGreen will propose cost effective, integrated improvements to your house. And, if you choose to address the root causes of comfort, health, safety, energy efficiency and durability issues, SynerGreen will conduct a second whole house systems test and clearly report the results before and after improvements are undertaken so you will know exactly what was accomplished.

The net results typically include:

  • Even, controllable, healthy temperatures throughout the home.

  • Substantially increased energy efficiency.

  • Improved air quality to enhance your health and enjoyment of your home.

  • Control of drafts, unpleasant odors, or harmful fumes from outside the home.

  • Healthy humidity levels that do not support mold or mildew growth.

  • A quieter, more peaceful living environment.

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions due to reduced energy consumption.

  • Improved resale value and reduced operating and repair costs.

  • Peace of mind and pride of ownership.